The Simple Manifesto is so simple, yet so powerful with a lot of ideas for beginners and advanced entrepreneurs. I wish I had this when I started my business...

Obu Ramaraj, Author of Smart Women, Smart Home Loans

Refreshing innovative look from an expert. I  loved the easy implementation of strategies. A great guide to  unraveling the 'mysteries'. Congratulations Wes!

Donna Benstead, Author of 3 books including "Career & Finance: Create Prosperity"

In today's world of mass information, Wes' book, The Simple Manifesto, distills marketing principles into simple steps. And what a delight it is, easy to read, thought provoking and with a clear message that simple is best. Not only that, but I found it difficult to put down, wanting to know more and what Wes was going to say next. A refreshing, must read book for anyone wanting to create their dream business. It really is simple.

Amanda Fisher FCA, Speaker, Author & Mentor

Running a small business today has it’s obstacles! Every now and again you pick up ideas that can challenge you and the way that you are currently running your business. Wes Towers has some great ideas in his book that I will take on and use from today. I suggest that you do the same, use an idea, and track your results because there are some diamonds here to pick from.

Peter Ryan, Mr Results, Marketing Strategist

Congratulations Wes Towers! You have written a book of business reflection and personal insight.  I like practical lessons and I found The Simple Manifesto to be full of words that worked for me. You debunked design myths, SEO hype, and reminded us all of the business value of quality and the power of the customer. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to challenge their vision and consider the way in which their vision is represented (or not represented) in their actions and their success within media platforms. Read it to learn, read it to plan, and read it to challenge your thinking – then implement its many lessons. I know I am now motivated to change my practices.

Greg Pritchard, Director Lead N Edge Consulting - one of several featured authors in "The Inspiration Bible"

I was excited to have the opportunity to read The Simple Manifesto. Wes has chosen a very appropriate title as the information contained is certainly relevant, practical, and informative, but presented in a simple, no nonsense way. The Simple Manifesto addresses many of the challenges we, as business people, are faced with – either starting up a business, or progressing toward our chosen success goal. As a coach, I appreciate that we often need to expand the boundary conditions of our thinking to embrace new approaches and ideas. Sometimes we just don’t know how. We have so much information hitting us each day, it is often hard to select the most appropriate, and can sometimes miss out on a gem. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make positive change in their business, although much of the information is also applicable to life in general. Read it, think about it, and apply the knowledge.

Suzanne Glendenning, Master Coach at Quantum Results Coaching International

Simply Effective! In The Simple Manifesto, Wes Towers show you a clear process to be highly relevant to your prospects and stand out from competitors. You'll learn to create your own simple, repeatable, scalable marketing system. This book helps you throw away the complexity so you can reach your big goals, efficiently and effectively. You'll also discover numerous strategies to work smarter, engage customers and gain more business so your customers win, your team win, and you win! So learn the principles in this book and create your dream business in a SNAP!

Max Decimus, 3 time author including the title "Inner Strength - Maximum Impact!"

I have read hundreds of books on business over the years and after a while they all start to sound the same so when I read “The Simple Manifesto”, it was like a breath of fresh air. Written with simplicity in mind it took me through the process of viewing my business from a different angle. I could really relate to the stories and strategies throughout the book and with each chapter, new and exciting ideas started to appear (I filled an entire note pad). If you are looking for a book that will give you a fresh perspective on business this is it!

Amanda Robins, Superfy HQ, Intuitive Creative Director

The Simple Manifesto is packed with practical advice to help small business owners market their products and services successfully.  Each section has real life examples of what works, and what doesn’t, plus searching questions to help you clarify and simplify your business.

John P Dawson, Managing Partner, Dawson McDonald Consulting

Wes Towers has created a masterpiece. The title of the book speaks volumes because the book contains insights that are simple, yet very powerful when implemented. Wes guides you through a process on how to make your business more successful. This book is a must-have for you, the business owner.

Ronny Prasad, Author of "Welcome to Your Life – Simple insights for your inspiration and empowerment."